I began tattooing in 2012 after graduating with a BFA from Pratt Institute. My background involves painting, printmaking, and designing shirts and album art for bands. My focus is largely on traditional tattooing, blackwork, fine line and dotwork, and ornamental designs. I draw inspiration from folk art, antique engravings, textiles, and classic tattoo imagery. Not sure what you want? I love running with your vague ideas and adding on to them to take them to the next level. I also have a book of "wanna-do" designs on hand to peruse at your leisure!



What is the best way to contact you?

If you have any questions that aren't answered on this website, please call me at Lakewood Electric Tattoo at (216) 801-4885. If you would like to run ideas by me you can also email booking.lvandevier@gmail.com. Please understand that it might take me a bit to get back to you through email, so calling is always the most effective step.

How do I book an appointment in Cleveland?

Sign up for updates via email on the Booking page! I open my booking roughly every 3-4 months. When booking opens, I will add a submission form to the ‘Booking’ page that you will have to fill out. I will ONLY be taking appointments from the submission form so I can keep all the information in the same place. Each time I open booking I will send out a message letting you know. I will also post on both my own and the shop’s instagram pages (but instagram can be fickle). The submission form will only be up for a limited time, and I will work through those submissions to pick the projects for each booking period.

What happens once I get an appointment?

We set up a consultation time to talk over your idea (if necessary) and get to know each other. I will set up your tattoo appointment(s) and take a non-refundable deposit. A deposit for one-sitting work is $50, or $100 for multiple sessions. I typically only draw designs within a couple days of the appointment and I will not send out designs ahead of time (we can make changes at the time of the appointment if necessary).

Why didn’t you pick my idea?

This is so hard to answer! I get a lot of absolutely wonderful requests and I unfortunately just do not have enough hands to get everything done no matter how hard I try. That means I have to defer a lot of submissions, and I am truly sorry for that. I try to take on the projects that I get the most excited about because ultimately that gives both of us the best outcome. Just because I did not get to your idea in one booking period doesn’t mean I won’t in the next one, so please do not worry about submitting the same idea multiple times. If I do not think I’m the right artist for the job, I’m sure I can refer you to another artist who might be a more perfect match.

How can I improve my chances of getting an appointment?

You will nearly always get scheduled if you are looking for flash designs or if I have tattooed you before. In particular, I love to work on tattoos that involve animals (especially birds and insects), ornamental designs, traditional tattoos, folk art, ladies, compelling objects, death and the occult etc. That is by no means a limit! If you are open to my ideas and input, that’s always a great thing. I won’t reproduce someone else’s tattoo, and I specifically do not do realistic human portraiture, water color, or white ink tattoos (unless over black). If you have a pre made design or something rather small and straightforward, I will likely refer you to another capable artist who will do a great job.

Tell me more about flash!

I always have a selection of wanna-do designs with me at the shop. They are not online, as there are dozens of them and they are always changing. You can stop by and check them out if you’d like to get an idea of what’s in there (lots of animals/plants/skulls/ornament/ladies and so forth).

I really want a tattoo from you but don’t want to wait. What can I do?

I will be making a point to have days for walk-ins (mostly from my book of flash designs) each month. I will also send out an email about these, and post them on social media. Otherwise, the process is unfortunately what it is, barring cancellations (which I will also post about online). I am always happy to refer folks to other great artists in the area.

How do I book an appointment at a guest spot?

All you need to do is shoot an email to booking.lvandevier@gmail.com with your city in the subject line, and include what you want and when you’re available in the body.

I have a question that you didn’t answer, please advise.

Give me a call at the shop, or stop by! I work M, W, TH, F 12:30-8:00pm. I will be able to answer you very quickly and easily over the phone. You can also email me at booking.lvandevier@gmail.com however please do have patience with me as I still only have two hands and they prefer to draw rather than type!

What does a tattoo cost?

I am usually not comfortable giving prices before having a design ready. Pricing is based on size/detail/time at my discretion, and I use a flat budget rate for 3 hour sessions or full days. If budget is a concern of yours, just let me know. Please always keep in mind tattoo pricing accounts for our time spent drawing and working on your design at home, as well as our equipment.

Thank you for so much for your interest in my work!